Cute Commando Beta Version Available to Play! (Hunt Mode Only)

Our upcoming 2D shooter, now officially called “Cute Commando”, is available to play on PC or Mac right NOW!!! Videos are coming soon!

Please note that this is an early Beta version (beta7) but it’s quite enjoyable already.

Controls: (Keyboard only)

  • UP: Jump
  • Right: Run
  • V: Shoot Straight
  • B: Shoot Nearest Enemy

Links to play (NOTE: If you’re having problems try updating or reinstalling the webplayer (

NORMAL DEFINITION (Click Here to Play)

LOW DEFINITION (Click Here to Play, use this if you have problems with the version above)

Please, drop us a line!

Upcoming 2D shooter video preview, Building game discontinued

I’ve just published a video of a speedrun gameplay on the first level of our upcoming shooter. This game will feature 24 weapons based on real ones, 20 levels on 6 different environments, 20+ different enemies, various vehicles, dreadful bosses, and of course a cool plot illustrated with hand-drawn cartoons.

The game will also run pretty much on any Android device (iOS version not confirmed for the moment); the minimum requirement for the beta is a Samsung Galaxy Pocket (1 core at 800MHz, 384MB, subject to change).

Note: The graphics or mechanics not final yet.

Link to the Video (YouTube)

Stay tuned because the ETA for this game is November!

We also decided to discontinue the building game (untitled) because we realized it isn’t very fun to play. We are sorry if you were looking forward to it, we will keep the beta version online (webplayer only) so you can play it for free indefinitely and we will fix any game-breaking bugs on it.

Thank you for your time.

Our first game! Pre-beta version available to play! (one level available)

Hello there!

Finally we are releasing today our first game! At the moment there’s only one level but everything else is pretty much ready, in the final version there will be 40-100 levels to play!


The engine is capable of handling hundreds of storeys even in a low-end Android device. Of course we do not plan to make a level with more than a hundred storeys because that would be quite boring.

Here is the link to the online version (you need the Unity Webplayer Plugin to play):